(2022, 12 mins)

Written & Directed by Caleb J. Roberts.
Produced by Callum Harrison.
Executive Produced by Brian J. Falconer & Jonathan Beer.
Cinematography by Conor Rotherham.
Original Composition by Tanya Mellotte.

An Out of Orbit production. 

Shot on location in Newcastle, Northern Ireland.

Funded by Northern Ireland Screen, BFI & Outburst Arts.

Starring James Doran (Game of Thrones, Micky Bo & Me)
& Peter Young (A Bump Along the Way, Bring Back Laura).



Set against the backdrop of the Northern Irish coast, Homebird explores the relationship between an emotionally reclusive father (James Doran) struggling to re-connect with his estranged gay son (Peter Young) during a night at the seafront amusements.

Having left without warning months prior, Conor (Peter Young) has returned to his seaside hometown after dropping out of university across the water.

Prompted from a distance by his wife, Dermot (James Doran) reluctantly distracts Conor by taking him out for a night at the amusements, like old times. However, Dermot's inability to communicate, coupled with Conor's need to rationalise his departure out of fear - causes tension between the pair.

Conor assumes his father's frustration lies with his sexuality, whilst Dermot struggles to articulate how he feels that he has been abandoned by his son. With an uncomfortable journey home inevitable, the pair open up to one another for the first time.

Homebird presents an authentically heart-warming, yet complex LGBTQ+ narrative that explores the importance of family, queer affirmation and re-connection.

IMDB / Channel 4